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A strategic marketing plan, that has been well researched using relevant insights can have a significant impact on your business growth plans. Fundamentally a strategic plan should identify your target market and customers, dictate the best way to reach and engage with them, and by doing so, convert them from a prospect into a purchaser.

A decent marketing strategy is one of the most important tactical plans you will create for your business.

What is a Strategic Marketing Plan?

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I take a simple approach to achieve results…

By utilising my knowledge, expertise, and experience, in collaboration with key stakeholders, we can develop a stellar strategic marketing plan that supports your business goals.

I will always ensure that plans are realistic for your resources such as manpower, budget, and time but also that your business goals are achievable, through a mixture of commercial know-how and marketing expertise. 

I mainly operate as an outsourced ‘marketing manager’ that not only provides the strategy but so I can also support the delivery of the plan and analysis marketing activity as the projects progress to ensure the goals are achieved.

In other instances, I can work with an established marketing team to advise and support their strategic goals.

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