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Email Marketing

Customer Engagement

Direct Marketing

Internal Stakeholder Engagement

Event Planning

Brand Building


SEO Optimisation

Proof Reading

Digital Marketing

PR & Communications

social media startup

Are you new to social media? Maybe you’ve been dabbling in it but now want to raise your game? I can offer a review, 1 month content plan to get you going, setup of any additional services (eg. online bookings) and training. This is a really quick and easy process with no commitment. Contact me to find out more here.

Startup business help

Are you planning to start a new business, or a recently launched venture? How confident are you in market research and do you need an experienced marketer to give you tailored advice? No matter the size of your budget or business, I will help you find the most practical way to reach your audience and make sure you see results.

marketing management

Sometimes businesses are unable to justify additional in-house resources to manage a special project or implement additional marketing activities. Maybe you have a special event? I can provide an extra pair of expert hands through either hourly, short term or long term contracts to accommodate your business requirements.

Marketing reviews

Do you need a fresh pair of eyes to run a marketing audit to find out what is working for you and what activity needs to be stopped? Do you have questions or need an expert second opinion? I can spend a few hours or a few days with you making sure that your marketing strategy is working hard and you are left feeling confident.

Social media management

It can be challenging to manage multiple social media platforms; you’ve got to write the content and find images whilst keeping it all on brand, then you need post and monitor the success of the post. You may want to set up advertising or even a promoted competition. Contact me to discuss your requirements here.

Marketing Plans

Do you want to know who your competitors are, what they are doing, what you need to do, to who and when? Are you finding your marketing is unstructured and needs some direction to gain better return on your investment. I can work with you to create a practical, strategic plan within your budget limitations. Contact me for more information.

marketing consultation

It’s easy to fall in the trap of ‘that’s how we’ve always done it’ or feel overwhelmed by choosing a marketing activity that best fits your plan. That’s where I come in handy because whether you’re a startup, SME or large corporate, I offer hourly consultancy sessions, half-day and day rates to come into your business and provide expert advice from my years of experience.

Marketing Mentoring

My career has seen me working as sole marketer and as a leader supporting the development of teams as individual marketers and as a collective. Sometimes, individuals and teams just need someone to come in and reignite that passion and drive to ultimately further personal and business success. I love doing this!

I’ve always wanted to setup my own business but I was unaware of the mechanics of setting it up. Clair was instrumental with her knowledge and her structured planning advice.

Clair’s unique ideas in website building were exceptional, of which the design format and layout were first-class.

Clair’s advanced social media advice has allowed me to maximise my audience, branch out and engage with more clients.

Without Clair’s expertise I would not of reached my full potential and have a healthy growing business today!

Mark Bromilow, Owner – Commando Strength
Case Studies

commando strength

Mark Bromilow (Commando Strength), the current world powerlifting champion, was starting up business as a personal trainer and required some marketing assistance. I supported Mark with his brand identity, website design and build, communications planning, market research and social media training. Commando Strength is now booming.

covid19 marketing plan

COVID19 has created mayhem for everyone worldwide. I was contacted by a local hospitality business to collaborate with their marketing team to develop a reactivation plan for their customers. The results are looking great with online statistics showing greater engagement and visitors to the website, before they’ve even reopened! If you are in a similar position contact me asap to discuss how I can help.

Let’s create something great together.