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Direct marketing is a type of marketing campaign created to speak directly to a specific audience group, either prospect or converted customers to encourage them to take an action (such as make an order, visit a website or a request for information).

The campaign can take many different formats, such as email marketing, online advertising, post, point of sale, flyers, database marketing, promotional letters, newspapers, outdoor advertising, phone text messaging, magazine adverts, websites, and brochures.

What is Direct Marketing?

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I can deliver both online and offline direct marketing campaigns through a mixture of creativity and data to inspire your audience into engaging with your business.

A highly focussed method of marketing, direct marketing is most effective when you have a specific message you need to reach an identified audience. I can help you segment the audience and choosing the right method of reaching them as with any successful direct marketing campaigns, there is a requirement to understand the customer and what encourages them to engage.

I have the full capabilities to take your campaign from concept through to delivery. With extensive experience in delivering direct campaigns, copywriting, and a background in multimedia design, I also have a network of contacts in graphic design and web development or subject matter experts for any industry-specific content curation.

I will also ensure any creative execution supports the content to visually represents your brand to the highest standard and deliver exception return on investment.

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