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What is Copywriting?

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Every business needs copy and you will see it everywhere, from brochures, to adverts, website pages, blogs, newsletters, email campaigns, flyers, right through to social media posts and press releases. 

Whilst copywriting is a more traditional marketing approach it does remain firmly at the foundation of all good marketing strategies as it informs and inspires potential customers into using your business services or products. 

Good copywriting will make a significant impact on your marketing efforts, plus as a representation of your business, the importance of making sure your wording is factually and grammatically correct, whilst being enjoyable to read, means getting it right really matters.

I will work with you to understand your business and create relevant copy, in your brand tone of voice, that starts conversations with your audience through sharing stories about your business, that creatively engages them to find out more. 

With everyone receiving marketing messages 24/7, it is important that your business is represented at it is best through inspiring and descriptive text for your websites, blogs, brochures, adverts, or press and digital PR campaigns.

Therefore, I use the best digital tools to create search engine optimised (SEO) content for any online projects to encourage more clicks and thus more conversions. I also can provide examples of previous work upon request. 

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