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A brand is a way a business or individual is recognised by those who experience it. More than just a name, slogan, design, or symbol, a brand is the feeling a product or business evokes.

Basically, brands are perceptions as they live in the mind of employees, investors, the media, and customers. Think about Nike, Tesco and Direct Line Insurance, you may never have used the products or services, but you know what they do, how they represent themselves and would be able to distinguish them amongst their competitors. 

What is a Brand?

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From the creation of new brands to refreshing existing ones, I have the experience and knowhow to support your brand creation and development from conception through to delivery.

A strong brand is essential for the success of most businesses, whether that is a corporate brand, or a brand related to a product and service. Therefore, I will work closely with you, to explore, and reflect on the best brand strategy that will improve awareness, develop perceptions, and increase your business value.

From name, slogans, tone of voice, creative look and feel, I have a background in supporting start-up businesses in getting to market to build awareness quickly and effectively.

Whatever your objectives, I have the full support of some of the region’s best creative and business development professionals to enable us to grow the awareness or change perceptions of an existing brand or help to launch a new brand or company.

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