About me – who AM I, what DO i do, and what ACCREDITATIONs do i have.


Thanks for stopping by, I’m Clair Bryant, DIPM.

I didn’t start off as a marketer, I actually graduated from Huddersfield University in Multimedia Design aka Graphic and Website Design. It wasn’t until I returned to Suffolk that I discovered I was far more interested in marketing and I made the move into this career. I have never regretted it, and often credit my training in design for enabling me to have a greater creative vision for brands and truer understanding of digital marketing.

In the 20 years (yikes) since then, I’ve enjoyed a varied career in senior marketing management positions for likes of Mott McDonald, Cambridge Cognition, The Jockey Club based at Newmarket Racecourses, and Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group (MADG). Due to these roles I have created an extensive network of contacts in the region, giving me direct access to a pool of hugely talented people and amazing resources.

It is through these positions I have been fortunate to collaborate with brands such as Moet & Chandon, Heart FM, Adnams, Fairfax & Favor and Emirates Airlines.

Some highlights of my career so far have been:

  • I led the marketing and customer relations team who sold Kylie Minogue out in a record breaking 30 minutes (read about it here).
  • I managed the planning and executing of the re-branding of Aeropeople (the specialist recruitment and engineering services division of Marshall Aerospace & Defence Group).
  • Led the strategic marketing of countless sporting events and concerts with world famed artists and bands that would see up to 22,500 people attending.
  • Created and managed a profitable, multiple high street brand collaboration for an annual event with high value media coverage.
  • I have also launched over 40 brochure and eCommerce websites.
  • In 2018 I organically generated 8,000 new followers for a business on LinkedIn within 12 months.

I’ve never chosen to focus on one specialism of marketing, preferring instead to become a highly skilled all rounder. I believe that, as a marketer, the more capable/hands-on you are, the more accurate and varied your response will be to any business strategy or opportunity because you understand how all the disciplines work.

Marketing is a rapidly changing function so I have continued my professional development with:

  • Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma in Marketing
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing Level 4 in Digital Marketing
  • Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Management from the Chartered Management Institute.
  • I am also certified by Google in Google Ads Search and Google Ads Display.